Dr. Giovanni Ferrando

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    Dr. Giovanni Ferrando is twice graduate with full marks in Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive surgery. He sat at the Specialists Course in the Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction of the IST (Istituto Ricerca Tumore) of Genova. He then undertook courses to update and deepen his knowledge on:

    Hand surgery, at the Italian Society of Surgery of the hand based in Savona.

    Nose and face surgery, at the Giovanni Battista Grassi di Lido di Ostia (Roma).

    Update in cranial diseases - Cervical - Facial, at the Dipartimento Regionale Testa-Collo dell'Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedale San Martino di Genova.

    Master in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Società Italiana di Chirurgia estetica di Milano

    Dr. Giovanni Ferrando has worked as a reconstructive plastic surgeon, as a lead surgeon at the IST di Genova to then devote himself to self employment. He worked as a consultant an head surgeon at the Policlinico di Monza, Clinica San Giuseppe di Asti and the Clinica Monteverdi di Milano

    To this day he is head surgeon at the Clinica Montallegro, Villa Serena di Genova and at Villa Maris Day Surgery, in Genova Quito al Mare, the latter constitutes most of his surgical activity.

    Known and highly admired even abroad, where he operates as lead surgeon at Queen Anne Street Medical Centre (Tel: +44 02070343300) and at the Harley Street Health Village.

    Dr. Ferrando also works with platelets.

    The technique separates the platelets from other components of the blood by centrifugal force, to obtain a gel rich with growth enhancing platelets (Only used on the patient that had the blood collected).

    This gel can be used to speed up a scar's healing process, to regrow bone/cutaneous elements during prosthetic implants or auto-transplant of fat.

    The platelets can also be offered by benefactors through a process similar to that of plasma withdrawal. The length of the procedure is of 50-60 minutes.